Doggy Sweaters and Accessories?!?

Did I think I would ever be making something like this?? The answer is no! No offense to those of you who like to dress up your dogs and paint their nails (the kids and I just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2), but I never saw the point in that. ..until now.
Okay, so I may never actually paint her nails, but poor little Lucy (our newly adopted rescue pup) was shivering every morning and night when the temperature would drop. So I broke down and crocheted my first (and probably last) doggy sweater. It’s still a little big for her, but I already had to take the bottom piece apart and make it smaller, so it is what it is. Here’s a picture from last night when she was trying it out :)


And not to leave my neighbor’s dog out of the doggy dress up party… :) I’m sure Christina from will have a much better photo to post after their family pictures today, but this actually was too cute not to share!

And finally, for all the pet lovers out there… Can I hear an “awwwwww”?

A Favorite Family

Joyful Mama Designs:

I am so grateful to have an amazing friend in my life who forces me to occasionally do some family photo shoots ;) I am even more grateful that said friend happens to be an amazing photographer! I almost was able to get away with another year of just kid pictures on our holiday cards, but I’m glad she twisted my arm ;) Christina, thank you again!

Originally posted on Bees Knees Photography:

This is one of my most favorite families! Happy Holidays from Maria (of Joyful Mama Designs) and her beautiful family. I love ya!


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Baby Blanket Orders

Aqua and Yellow Baby Blanket 2Baby Boy blue blanket 1 2013

I went back to teaching full time this year and as I suspected, it is a huge lesson in balance! Balancing how much work I bring home, being there for my children and family, and of course making sure I sqeeze in a little time for crochet.

Unfortunately, crochet has suffered the most :( Projects that used to take me a week (such as a baby blanket), now might take me a month. It’s very sad, but as I said, balance is a huge lesson in my life this year.

Here are a few baby blanket orders that I’ve managed to finish over the past month or so though :)

A Good One


While I don’t condone hitting/slapping your friends (or sidekicks), this made me chuckle out loud :)

Granny Scrap Bag

I must admit that usually projects that I am doing for myself get put on the back burner and are sometimes (often) forgotten.
A while back I started turning my scrap yarns into small granny squares. The color combinations aren’t always pretty, but I hate to throw away yarns–even if they’re not enough to make an entire square!
Sooo, some time ago I made my granny pillow (see previous post) and still had plenty of left over squares and scrap yarns. I always intended to do something with them. Here’s what I’ve got so far.



Of course I can’t use it as an actual purse due to the fact that I lacked forethought and didn’t line the bag. Uhg. Oh well. We’ll consider it a work in progress and maybe eventually I’ll add a liner and some pockets :)

“Earth to Granny” Blanket

Here are some pictures of my completed granny blanket in some beautiful earth tones. I made the blanket for a couple of my photographer friends so I hope to see it in use one of these days soon :) Until then, here are some quick snaps of the finished blanket. Isn’t she beautiful? :)

Earth Tone Blanket 2 Earth Tone Blanket 1Earth Tone Blanket 4

Sneak Peek – Connecting Grannies with Zigzag Crochet

So here’s a close-up peek at my granny blanket (still working on the border so not ready to show the final product). I decided to use a zig zag crochet to connect the squares. This is the first time that I’ve done that, so I was kind of winging it, but I must admit that I love the way it turned out. I think this might be my new favorite way to connect grannies!



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