A Touch of Crafters ADD

So I have what I like to affectionately call “Crafters ADD”. I’m pretty sure it’s either genetic or highly contagious, because my mom suffers from it too…maybe worse.  What’s interesting about this condition is that it shows up selectively. For example, in the winter months when I am busy with custom orders, my symptoms are dormant. I have actually had people tell me that they didn’t expect to get their orders so quickly! But when I have a custom order, whether it be crochet or sewing, I am fast. Crazy fast. Off season is a whole different story. On any given day, I am actively working on 2-3 different projects. Usually I do my sewing in the morning while the kids are at school and I wait to do my crochet projects at night after the kids are in bed. Currently I am working on 2 crochet projects and have finally just finished up one sewing project (actually 2 since I made 2 dresses). Want to take a peek? Here they are:

These dresses didn’t actually take too long. I got them both done in 2 mornings while the kids were in school. This project falls under my ADD category because I never intended to make them. I have had this fabric for almost a year (in one of my bins) and while looking for a different fabric for a project that I was finishing up, I stumbled upon this one and thought, “hmmm, that’s pretty (which is obviously why I bought it in the first place!). Maybe I should make a couple of dresses out of that.” Not planned, not necessary, but quite honestly, I love the way they turned out and I’m glad that I finally tried out adding the crochet trim to a dress–something my mom has been telling me to do for quite some time. It really puts a nice touch to an otherwise very simple style dress.


Let me just say that I know this isn’t a good photo. I can hear my neighbor, Christina, of www.beeskneesphotographync.com say, “it’s out of focus!” but I promise that when it’s completed, I will get a better picture done by her, not me.  This is a project that I just offered to do on Friday. My husband’s friend is having their 3rd baby…today actually…and I thought, why don’t I make them a blanket? That was Friday. By Friday afternoon, I had picked out the yarns that I wanted to use and I started the blanket Saturday. This shouldn’t take long since it’s more than halfway done, but really? I’m giving myself a weekend to get a blanket done? That’s just silly. Especially since I rarely can get any projects done on weekends!

Grandma Violet #4

This little beauty is the one project that keeps getting put aside. Poor thing. I actually feel sorry for it because it really is one of my absolute favorite patterns to make! I said in my previous post that I rarely use patterns and when I do I always give credit where credit is due. This is one of those. This is an original design by Michelle of RoyalSisters http://www.etsy.com/shop/royalsisters The thing I love most about it is that every time you choose a new combination of yarns, it’s like creating a totally different project. I’m not sure if that makes much sense when I say it, so let me just show you. I have made this pattern almost (because I still need to put these 2 pieces together) 4 times. The first one sold AS I WAS MAKING IT! Yup, that’s how nice it was. In fact, that one was actually meant for me, but who am I to deny someone else the pleasure of having one of these in their home? The second I made for my daughter. Love that one too, but since it’s in her room, I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I would like. The third was a trade for some furniture (along with a couple of other things that I made). That one was a fun one since they gave me a swatch of fabric that was from their room and let me pick the colors for the pillow. So let me show you…
Grandma Violet Pillow #1

Grandma Violet #1

Grandma Violet #2- I love the way this looks with the bedspread that my grandmother made for me when I was little 🙂

Grandma Violet #3

Soooo, that’s the end of my confessional blog. Hopefully I will have this problem under control by the time I am ready to start my next project…which I promise won’t be until I finish these last 2 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Touch of Crafters ADD

  1. I love your blog “A Touch of Crafters ADD.” It made me laugh! (oh, and no…your picture wasn’t out of focus hee hee 🙂 I just LOVE those pillows! The colors in the one you are making now are simply striking. Great work!

  2. I was attracted to your blog in the first place, because the name of my Reiki practice is “Healing Joyfully.” Joy attracts joy. 🙂

      • I picked Healing Joyfully, because when I’m doing energy work I feel so much joy that I can not describe it. My clients have commented on the joy they feel from me.

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