Gotta love this post! I know Thanksgiving is over, but I am so grateful for my amazing friend (who also happens to be a wonderful photographer). I have always told her that I love how she captures children…these crazy kids are no exception 🙂 Thank you Christina for helping me with my Christmas cards again this year!

Bees Knees Photography

First of all, let me start out by saying these are my BFF’s children.  So, as I write this, I write this as if they were my own kids.  I think sometimes we will look at other  people’s family photos and think, “Why don’t my kids look like that in a photo?”  Seriously, they’re kids! Kids will be kids will be kids.  🙂 Sometimes, no matter how silly I act, how many pieces of PEZ I hand out in between photos, how many words of encouragement, children have made up their minds that they are not going to get their picture taken today.  🙂 This is where the beauty of a fast shutter speed and candid shots come in handy.  I wanted to show you a quick snapshot of what is common with children shoots.

You have the “I’m going to tickle you…” picture to start the session with.

Then comes the “Let’s…

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