Scrap Granny Pillow…Finally!

You know those projects that you start,  put down, forget about, rediscover several months later, continue, put down, forget about (repeat 8, 000x’s)??? No? Really? Well, sadly, I am very familiar with these. So is my mom. Maybe its genetic.
Anyhoo, about a year ago, I looked at the gigantic pile of scrap yarn that the horder in me said, “keep!”, and decided that I would granny square it away. A plan. A truckload of scrap yarn and a plan. That’s how it started.
I got about halfway through the ever-replenishing scrap yarn pile, and decided that I had made enough squares. Recently (about 4 months ago), I discovered those squares and decided that I was going to re-cover an old pillow. Another plan 🙂
I will spare you the rest of the tedious timeline and just show you that I finally finished my pillow today and I love it!
What project have you been putting off? I’d love to see!




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