Connecting Grannies…What’s your preferred method?


As I reach about the midway point for this granny blanket, my mind is already racing ahead to “how am I going to put them together?” I normally whip stitch when connecting grannies, but that method is not sounding very fun right now. Besides I want to add a little spark in my life! What better way than to experiment with granny connection methods 😉
I will say that I plan on connecting the squares with a dark chocolate brown and I want it to show. Any advice or suggestions? I’d love to hear your favorite method! Thanks (in advance) for the input.


5 thoughts on “Connecting Grannies…What’s your preferred method?

    • Definitely have decided to crochet them together but have found several different ways to do this. I may have to experiment with a couple different methods and see which I like best. I will definitely post my progress 🙂

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