Hands Free Wine

A friend of mine posted this picture on fb about a week ago.


It made me laugh out loud when I saw it because honestly, that doesn’t look too safe. Thankfully this woman is drinking white wine, but what about those of us who enjoy a glass of red from time to time? Anyway, this old college friend of mine posted it and hinted that it would be a great birthday present.
Completely as a gag gift (because I still highly doubt that anyone would use it!), this is what I came up with 🙂


Challenge accepted and completed in about 20 minutes! I used our university colors but as I was crocheting the middle stripes, I had to laugh out loud (again! Yes, there was a lot of giggling during the making of this gift) . Now that I have a son that has gone through a Pokémon phase, I couldn’t get over the fact that if my friend does in fact use this little beauty, some might take her as a huge Pokémon fan ;)…which actually makes this gift even better!
To make it was truly simple. All you need are ch and hdc for the whole thing. If I make another, I’ll be sure to write the pattern to share with you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hands Free Wine

    • I can’t see it working either! Seems like it would be very messy 😉 However, since I made this and posted it on my fb page, people have informed me that they actually sell them (not crochet ones) at wine festivals now!

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