Appreciating a Well Written Pattern

I found a lovely free pattern for a lacy shawl the other day. It looked so beautiful in the picture that I picked up my yarn and started right on it. Here’s the thing, yes, it is turning out beautifully, but between the yarn that I’m using that gets tangled and breaks apart when I unravel it, and the pattern that is not super well written, this is starting to become more tedious than pleasurable.
Perspective and contrast. I am now even more thankful to those who write clear and easy to follow patterns! Well worth the money that they charge! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Appreciating a Well Written Pattern

  1. Hear hear! I’ve just finished something that wasn’t a particularly complicated pattern but totally left you in the lurch in terms of where to start patterning and how to incorporate decreases. Dontcha just love the phrase “repeat to match first side, reversing shaping”!!

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