“Finger Knitting” to a Granny Shawl

School started again this year for us here in North Carolina. We welcomed a new group of nervous and excited 1st graders 2 weeks ago. The school where I work is a nature based school and we integrate so much more into our days! One of the new skills that many children enjoy learning is “finger knitting” (which is actually just crocheting without a hook). It’s such wonderful fine motor work and the kids are so excited when they create necklaces and bracelets. My daughter is a 2nd grader at the school and has been enjoying this activity for a while now.
The other night, she asked to learn how to crochet with a hook! It probably wasn’t a great idea to start right before bedtime, but I managed to patiently teach her to do a few chain stitches with guidance. Before I knew it, she was stitching along on her own. Since Friday night she has chained several long strands and has fastened them to doors and chairs and across rooms. It’s like a limbo arena in our house right now, but for the love of crochet, I am allowing it 🙂


This strand goes from the stairs to the front door 🙂
As for me, I’m still creating as well. This was a custom order for one of our new students. I just love the colors!


I used I Love This Yarn in “Secrets” for the main body of this shawl and “Razzleberry Sparkle” for the trim.



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