Creative Outlet in Zentangles

My name is Maria Hartemann and I have become a pattern addict. I admit it. I used to be so creative before I learned to read patterns. When I was in elementary school, I used to crochet outfits for my cabbage patch doll. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to read a pattern until about a decade ago when a friend asked me for help. Hats are about the only thing that I still improvise and get creative with.
But last fall I saw a picture that my cousin posted of some beautiful drawings she had done using sharpie markers. They were amazing and inspiring! She used colored sharpies and called the drawings “Zentangles”.
I began experimenting. My daughter loves squirrels (as you can tell from this picture).


For Christmas, I ended up drawing, matting, and framing a different Zentangle for each of my children and my husband. They loved them! And I loved my new creative outlet.
Here’s a picture of my first Zentangle. The original is now hanging on my daughter’s wall.


I have since done many more! A fox for my son, the Tottenham Hotspur logo for my husband, a buffalo, gorilla, cat, owl, 35mm camera, butterfly, dragonfly, salamander, elephant, and a cactus🌵 for a friend that was moving back to Arizona. I’m sure there are a couple that I’m forgetting…
I have given most of the originals away, but scanned them all and have added notecards to my etsy shop and have made iron on t-shirts for kids.×6

I absolutely love drawing them! Have any of you tried them? If so, what are your favorite things to Zentangle? I love drawing the animals but have since seen some beautiful free flow designs.


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