Graph to Greek Key!

So you know how we want for our children to intrinsically value themselves and be excited about learning? Well, I am so excited about my learning and can’t wait to share it with you!
I have forever been looking up Greek key patterns for crochet on Pinterest, but have consistently put them on the back burner because I am not a fan of all the color change that would be necessary (sidebar: this is also the only reason I haven’t attempted a “grafghan” yet).
Then I found a picture on Pinterest of a tunic that was made up of strips of Greek key connected. The best part was that there was no color change, just “blank” and “solid” spaces! This I could do! Bad news. No pattern. The link had been blocked as spam 😦 I started looking up Greek key crochet graphs and found a link to this little gem.

Despite being in a different language, I was able to do this :


From there, I began to draw the key “pattern” on graph paper in multiples


I applied what I learned in the video about the stitches used for “blanks” and “spaces” and began crocheting using my drawn pattern. As I finished a row by using the visual graph, I wrote down what I did (in a very rough/not suitable for sharing “pattern” that at least I was hoping to be able to understand for the next strip).
Here is my first finished panel!


I am so excited and hope to finish a couple more panels this weekend!
Stay tuned… I may be able to create something resembling a tunic eventually 😉 Wish me luck!


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