Love is in the Air :)

My wonderful neighbor, friend, photographer and #1 cheerleader has a DIY Pinterest board that made me laugh out loud the other day. As I was perusing through the items on her board, I started to notice that a good number of them were actually projects for me to do! We have since added a board to her account labeled, “DIY for Maria” and after she ran out and bought some fabric, here is what I came up with (another “Pinspiration”). Lucky for me, she bought enough fabric for a dress for her daughter, a top for mine, and 2 tops for their dolls. I have enough time to make about 4-5 more of these dresses or tops to ship within the US, so if you like these and would like to order one, please send me a message asap!!!

Valentine Dress 2 wm Valentine Dress Doll 3 wm


A Pokemon Party

My son had his 8th birthday party over the weekend. He wanted a Pokemon/Soccer party, so I made the cupcakes (in soccer ball wrappers and decorated them as Poke-balls (at least that’s what I call them…what are those things called?!?)

The little drawstring bags were kind of a last-minute decision and I quickly whipped up the Pokemon themed bags to put their party gifts (a pack of Pokemon cards) in.

I, for one, am all Pokied out, but I think the boys really loved the party so I guess it was worth it 🙂

Pure Joy!


It seems that every couple of months I have to remind myself of what is really important in this life…in this moment. For now, the most important thing in my life is my family.

My neighbor, Christina of, captured this moment while my daughter and her son were running around in the backyard being silly. It’s one of those moments that you can step back and look at (after you’ve yelled at them to be careful) and you realize, this is it. This is what matters. Those moments of pure joy that make the rest of the worries, pains, complaints, and everyday stressors just melt away. It is moments like these that make me think, I choose to be a better mother. I choose to drop all the have-to’s and to-do’s of the day and enjoy these little moments of pure joy when they pop up. I choose to on occasion put down what I feel like I need to do and spend some quality time with my kids…make them smile, or if I’m lucky a full blown belly aching giggle-fest. Maybe, just maybe, if I do this more often I will start to notice that there are more of these moments of pure, God-given joy than there are worries. Maybe.

So thank you Christina for having your camera in hand and capturing this moment. It’s a much better reminder than my mental picture. And, quite frankly, sometimes I need a concrete reminder of what this life is all about 🙂