Sneak Peak-Crochet Cuff Bracelets Are Here!

ImageI have been making a variation of these cuff bracelets for just over a year now. I’ve done some pattern tweaking during that time and can honestly say that I love the way this last batch came out! I spent a good bit of time putting them in my etsy shop (click on the link to see all of my current colors) the other night and since then have made a couple of different styles (crochet wrap bracelets being my most recent endeavor). Until recently, my focus has been hats and winter items…but I must admit, I really like coming up with crochet jewelry 🙂Image



A Little More Light

A Little More Light

I found this floating around on FB after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. It’s truth rang so strong in my heart that I had to share here as well.
It also goes along with a post that I have been meaning to write for several weeks now, but as life would have it, I have been extremely busy with my own projects, and have put this idea on the back burner. Time to bring it to the front.
In the last month, I have made yet another couple of hats for someone who recently found themselves having to begin chemotherapy. I hadn’t thought about it too much prior to this point, but I have made nearly a dozen hats this year for friends, family, family of friends, and children who were undergoing chemotherapy.
So here’s my call. Thanks to a friend of ours (whose son has recently gone into remission, thank God), I have found a clinic that accepts hat donations. They have them in a big box in the clinic and the children can go pick out hats from that box. You may put your card on the hat so they know where it came from or you may leave it blank and know that you are bringing some light to a child here in Charlotte, NC. I would like to be able to bring in a BIG box of hats, but I can’t do it all by myself. If you would like to offer up your time and talents to a very worthy cause, please contact me at and I will give you more information as to where these hats are going and when I plan to deliver them. Thank you all! Now go on and share some light today 🙂

Below is one of the hats that I made for a family member of a friend who has just begun chemotherapy. You can find this free pattern at under “Brain Waves Beanie”. It worked up quickly and, as seen below, can truly be made for both male and female.

Joy's Hat-corrected 2

Here is the second hat that I made (for the same person). This one is my design and if I could get my act together, I would write a pattern for it! Both hats were made from I Love This Cotton. I figured the cotton was a lighter, more natural fiber that would be good for spring and summer. These hats were made for adults and I used just one skein of yarn for each hat.

Joy's Second Hat 1

Good friends take pictures of your creations; GREAT friends write your posts for you 😉

Bees Knees Photography

I had to post the latest creation from Joyful Mama Designs.  Here is a link to her website  You can also check her out under my Snapshot series.  She has crocheted a one of a kind cover for a yoga mat.  She is in the process of writing down the pattern if you are either interested in making your own or buying one for your yoga mat.  Check it out, it’s beautiful! If you would like to talk with her, you can leave her a note here, on her website or on her FB page.

If I can get myself consistently going back to yoga, I am definitely going to get one of these. 🙂


Yoga Mat 1 wmYoga Mat 2 wmYoga Mat 4 wmYoga Mat 6 wm

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